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When a tooth becomes fractured or weakened with a cavity, a dental filling may be the best option to make the tooth strong again. Dental fillings are a relatively quick procedure, lasting about 30 minutes per tooth and can be painless with the use of numbing agents.

Connections Dental performs dental fillings for Oakmont, PA patients. If you are experiencing tooth pain or discomfort, contact our dental team today to schedule an appointment.

Composite vs. Amalgam Fillings: Making the Decision

If you are scheduled to have a filling placed, you’ll be happy to know that you have options. Connections Dental offers tooth-colored composites and silver amalgams. Here are some of the factors patients consider when choosing between the two most common types of fillings:

  • Appearance. Composite is color-matched to the shade of your teeth and has a light reflecting luster that looks like tooth enamel. Only a dentist can detect a well done composite filling! Silver in color, amalgam is visible in the mouth, and more or less noticeable depending on where it is in the mouth and how large the filling is.

  •  Longevity. Amalgam fillings usually last 10-15 years while composite fillings usually last only 5-7 years.

  •  The process. Having composite resin fillings placed is a more time-intensive process, but less drilling is required, therefore more of the healthy tooth can be preserved.

  •  Cost. Amalgam fillings are generally less expensive than tooth-colored composites. Dental insurance plans usually cover fillings but sometimes cover only amalgam, leaving the patient to pay the additional charge for the composite, if they choose that option. Our Oakmont dental team will verify your benefits with your insurance company prior to your appointment so that you know all of your costs when deciding which type of filling to get.

  •  Health risks. In 2009, the FDA concluded that mercury-containing silver amalgam fillings do not pose a health risk when applied to patients aged six years and up. Patients with allergic reactions to silver, copper, or tin should opt for a composite filling.

At Connections Dental, we might recommend either silver amalgam or composite fillings, but the choice is ultimately yours. We will provide you with all the facts and information you will need to make an informed decision.

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