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In many cases, extracting a tooth is the best treatment option to reduce crowding, prepare for dentures, or remove a dead or dying tooth.

What to expect if you need a tooth extracted:

Fortunately, you won’t experience much in the way of pain since a local anesthetic will be applied prior to the procedure. You may feel a minimal amount of discomfort and pressure as the dentist works the tooth free.

Be sure to follow all postoperative instructions closely so that your gums heal promptly. If you have questions or concerns following an extraction, don’t hesitate to contact our Oakmont office immediately.

What are the Options for Replacing an Extracted Tooth?

An extraction does not have to impact your smile. With the numerous advances in dental technology there are replacement options to fit any budget and desired outcome. These include an implant-supported crown, dental bridge, or partial denture. Oakmont dentist, Dr. Jason will review all of your options with you and help you to make the right decision for you.

A tooth extraction doesn’t have to be the end of a beautiful smile. In fact, it might be the start of improving your oral health. Contact Connections Dental to schedule an appointment or learn more about our tooth extraction and replacement services for Oakmont and the surrounding areas.

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