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Hearing a dentist say the words “root canal” often causes fear in patients, but anxieties over this type of procedure are largely unfounded. Those who undergo root canal therapy will tell you that it isn’t the treatment itself that is the painful part – it’s living with an infected tooth pulp or exposed nerve. Root canal therapy is all about relief!

Connections Dental performs root canals for Oakmont, PA patients. If you are experiencing tooth pain or discomfort, call us today to schedule an appointment.

What is a Root Canal?

Inside every tooth, canals house the pulp or nerve that sustains life to the tooth. A deep cavity or crack can compromise the pulp and cause infection or inflammation. As infection and inflammation build, the tooth begins to ache from the internal pressure. In some situations, you can avoid a tooth extraction by undergoing a root canal. This procedure can preserve the tooth and provide instant pain relief.

What is it Like to Get Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is a common procedure that is usually completed in one visit. During root canal therapy, infection or inflammation is removed from the canals of your tooth. Once the area is cleaned and disinfected, your Oakmont dentist will insert man-made material into the emptied canal. Finally he will restore the tooth, often with a crown.

FAQs on Root Canal Treatments

Is root canal therapy painful? Patients are provided local anesthetic and their comfort is maintained throughout the procedure. Mild soreness is common for a few days following treatment.

How can I tell if I need root canal therapy? Patients should always be cognizant of sensitivities to cold/hot foods and drinks, as these may signal a tooth infection. Some other signs of an infected tooth may include gum tenderness or swelling, gums that have become darker in color, or what appear to be “pimples” on the gums. When any of these symptoms are present, a visit to your Oakmont dentist is in order. They will be able to correctly diagnose and recommend treatment.

Do I need to take time off from work or school after my appointment? Your mouth will be numb for several hours after your root canal therapy. You can resume normal activities almost immediately, but you should avoid eating or chewing until the sensation has returned to your mouth. Oakmont dentist, Dr. Jason likes to recommend a milkshake for post-treatment soreness!

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