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Connections Dental is proud to offer KöR® tooth whitening at our Oakmont, PA dental office. The science behind their products is sound and there is no denying the dazzling results our patients consistently achieve. There are hundreds of teeth-whitening products on the market.

So, why KöR?

KöR is often referred to as “the most effective teeth whitening system.” To put it simply, KöR’s unique teeth-whitening formulation goes deeper — to the core — to eliminate deeply embedded stains that other teeth-whitening techniques leave behind.

Teeth Stains and Whitening… Explained.

Before we dive into how KöR teeth whitening works, it might be helpful to understand what teeth stains actually are. Teeth stains are pigments that have become trapped within the microscopic pores of teeth. The key to teeth whitening is to break down these pigments so they can be flushed from the pores of the teeth.

Most whitening systems involve a gel placed into trays that hold the bleaching formula against the teeth. Because the trays are not custom made and do not create a seal between the tray and the gums, your saliva enters the tray, mixing with the bleaching formula shortly after you insert the tray into your mouth. The saliva breaks down the bleaching formula, causing it to become ineffective after 30 minutes. Therefore, the toughest stains remain on the teeth after a whitening treatment. KöR is different.

How KöR is Different


Other whitening products simply whiten the tooth surface, leaving behind more deeply embedded stains. To ensure the bleaching formula reaches through the enamel and into the dentin, KöR uses a dual-activated, tri-barrel™, hydremide® peroxide formula to tackle deeply imbedded stains. The custom-made trays seal at the gumline, allowing the formula to continue working for up to ten hours at a time. The seal of the custom trays also results in more even coverage. KöR delivers deeper whitening for consistent, smile-worthy results.

Check out KöR’s “Seeing is Believing” webpage to view some amazing smile transformations.

Whiten at Home or in Our Office

With Connections Dental you have options. The KöR Deep Bleaching system requires an initial appointment to create custom whitening trays. Once your custom trays are ready, you will whiten at home for two weeks. If you are happy with your shade after the home treatment, we will set you up with an easy, monthly home maintenance program. If you are looking for a more brilliant white, we can do an in-office treatment following your home treatment. Our Oakmont dental team will continue to work with you to make sure you achieve and maintain your desired shade of whiteness.

What about Tooth Sensitivity?

Have you ever experienced tooth sensitivity after whitening treatments? Increased sensitivity is a common occurrence when people whiten their teeth. Fortunately, KöR has developed a desensitizing formula to seal off the dentinal tubules that reach down to the nerves, creating an “all gain, no pain” approach to tooth whitening.

Go Ahead… Smile!

Are you self-conscious of your discolored teeth? A professional teeth whitening can help you smile radiantly for photos again! Connections Dental can help you achieve your desired whitening results. Call today or click the button below to see if KöR whitening is right for you.

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