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Laser Dentistry with the DEKA Laser

Here at Connections Dental, we aim to provide you with the most comfortable and comprehensive treatment. With the use of the DEKA CO2 dental laser, we can provide a wide range of procedures in a safe and effective manner, including the following treatments:

Infant Tongue-Tie 

Infant tongue-tie is extremely common but can cause a number of oral developmental issues if not corrected. With a tongue-tie, your infant has an unusually short band of tissue (frenum) that connects his or her tongue to the floor of the mouth. This restricts the tongue’s movement and the child may have issues with breastfeeding, speech, and oral development. With the DEKA laser, Dr. Jason Choorapuzha can perform a procedure called a frenectomy. During this procedure, he gently uses the laser to release the tissue that is restricting the tongue. It is a safe, fast, and effective treatment with minimal discomfort. 

Child and Adult Frenectomies 

Most individuals have their tongue-ties released with a frenectomy by their first birthday, but the condition (called ankyloglossia) can carry through to adulthood. With the DEKA laser, the frenectomy can be performed at any age. If you are tongue-tied as an adult, you may be experiencing difficulty with speech, eating, drinking, and even breathing. The condition affects your oral function and can easily be treated with the DEKA laser. 

Herpetic Lesion and Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sores and herpetic lesions are a common but painful viral condition. The DEKA laser can almost immediately stop the progression of the lesion and the discomfort that accompanies it. The laser seals the nerve endings providing pain relief and a much quicker healing time. The procedure takes just a few minutes and is virtually painless. 

Dr. Jason Choorapuzha is expertly trained in the use of the DEKA laser to provide you the best and most comfortable treatment. He will evaluate you to determine if you are a good candidate for laser therapy. To set up a treatment consultation, please contact Connections Dental.

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