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Digital Scanner

Digital Impressions are the latest technology in capturing a replica of the mouth. By using a wand-like tool connected to a computer combined with cutting-edge software, Dr. Jason can create a virtual model of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth. These replicas are more accurate than a mold and can be used for a variety of needs. Since he can see the completed scan immediately on his monitor, he will know right away if any part of the scan needs to be redone, thus eliminating the need for an additional imaging appointment. Once he is satisfied with the scan, he immediately sends the digital impression to the lab where dentures, crowns, bridges, and retainers can be made quickly and accurately.

Digital impressions are less messy and more pleasant than the goopy traditional mold material. Patients with a severe gag reflex or sensitive teeth can enjoy a more comfortable experience while one of our highly trained team members takes the digital impression.

DEKA CO2 Dental Laser

We are excited to announce the addition of this innovative technology to our office. Laser dental therapy will provide you with a more comfortable and comprehensive treatment experience. The CO2 dental laser is safe and extremely effective. At Connections Dental, our priority is to provide you with the best treatment possible.

What is Laser Dentistry?

DEKA Laser therapy uses light energy to replace traditional dental instruments. With this technology, you experience less pain, swelling, and bleeding. It is effective for a wide variety of soft tissue procedures, along with reduction of bacteria during periodontal therapy. The precise laser allows Dr. Jason to gently contour tissue while delivering ideal results.

What is the Laser used for?

Dr. Jason can use the DEKA CO2 laser for a number of different procedures, including:

  • Removal of inflamed and infected periodontal tissue
  • Reduction of periodontal bacteria
  • Accelerated healing of cold sores and ulcers
  • Tongue tie release (frenectomy)
  • Gum tissue reduction
  • Smile makeovers
  • Dental implant surgery and maintenance

Benefits of Laser use

The DEKA CO2 laser is a non-contact laser. There is no drilling, cutting, or scraping involved, which means that there is minimal discomfort to you. Postoperative complications such as bleeding and infection are greatly reduced, and healing time is decreased. Your overall treatment experience will be much more comfortable.

Dr. Jason is expertly trained in the use of the DEKA laser to provide you the best and most comfortable treatment. He will evaluate you to determine if you are a good candidate for laser therapy. To set up a treatment consultation, please contact our office.

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